Our Vision

Our Vision

67% of Women with a history of felony,  incarceration or addiction will relapse in 3 years if there is no community intervention and they are not given a chance to succeed*.

We believe that these women deserve another chance, we also believe that our society—while it supports women with food, shelter and clothing—does not sufficiently provide employment for women who are in recovery from substance abuse, have a history or felony, incarceration or homelessness.  Many of these women have no formal job history and want  to work. But entering back into mainstream society is extremely difficult if you’ve been living on the street or haven’t worked in a long time. That’s why we’re here.

Mission Wear seeks out these women to offer them the opportunity to enter the work place in a safe supportive environment where they can use their skills, learn skills, gain confidence and attain job experience over a two year period. They also feel good about making something reusable and helping the environment.

Renewable People Making Reusable Products

We believe that the environment needs better protection than we’re giving it. The United States goes through 100 billion plastic bags annually. These plastic bags do not biodegrade, but break down into smaller non-biodegradable particles. We can all definitely do our part to slow down the land-filling process. Come on People! Get Reusable! 

Mission Wear is inspired to try to affect change at a local level here in Denver. To tackle these two big social problems; women in destitution and plastic bag use is a huge feat to be sure. However, we plan to employ at least eight women per year, on a part time basis, train them in making our upcycled products and then sell our durable products (waaaay longer lasting than the polypropelene—a petroleum-based fabric—bags for $1.49) in retail stores, online, and farmer’s markets.

* Berkeley School of Law Center for Social Justice, December 2008